The Australian Deer Hunter and Australian & International Trophy Hunter magazines are both quarterly based publications that are designed for Australian and Internation hunters across world. Both magazines enable hunters and technical writers to contribute editorial pieces that relate to our sport and industry. Both Magazines distribution now covers all of Australia with a national distribution of over 17,500 copies for Deer Hunter and

Trophy Hunter has a national distribution of 15,500 copies.

We have built and developed Digital Apps for both publications which are now avaliable on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App. There is also a Digital version that is avaliable for PC's and Laptops.

Our editorial and technical writers in both publications have been involved in hunting for many years and are well renowned within the international Hunting communities. This ensures that the content within the 100 pages of each edition is valuable to all readers.

The magazine runs a balanced ration of Advertising vs. Editorial content. This ensures that our final product is appealing to the readers who want a publication that is jam packed full of information.